Most ERG's Are Set Up To Fail...

Employees Don't Know Where To Start, Employers Don't Know Where To Support

The Affinity Guide explains launching an Employee Resource Group that is effective and empowering for your members and aligned with the needs of your organization. The 40 page guide details how to get an Executive Sponsor, info on socializing your group setting up your group charter documentation... and more.

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On paper, Employee Resource Groups are important spaces where people can come together to affect change for a chosen demographic at work.

In practice, however, ERG's often represent extra unpaid labor (the kind that organizations don't always acknowledge or reward), and complaints that never make it to leadership.

Employee Resource Groups have been around since the 1960's, but the political unrest that came with the year 2020 put ERG's back into the spotlight.

The term "Employee Resource Group" is up 150% on Google search rankings than it was this time last year.On the back of protests in the U.S. over the murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent wave of black squares on Instagram, we began a broader conversation about how organizations can tangibly create safe spaces and pathways of access for Black people. Employee Resource Groups could be those places.

But the problem is, more often than not, Employee Resource Groups are set up to fail.

Seldom do these groups come with funding, access to resources or leadership support. And even when companies are on board, existing bureaucracies often inadvertently halt progress. The truth is, without the support of executive leadership, alignment between ERGs and business needs, and a clear reward and recognition pathway, ERG's are paths that lead only to burnout and employee resentment.


The Affinity Guide can fix all that:

Why spin your wheels trying to do something as important as starting an Employee Resource Group at your organization? The Affinity Guide is a 40 page Playbook For Launching Effective Employee Resource Groups and it comes with a 60 minute Affinity Workshop that covers:



Learn what Employee Resource Groups are, how they benefit organizations, and what structures, processes, and understandings need to be in place to support a new ERGl



Determine what function your Employee Resource Group will serve and gather an initial team to create charter documentation, put together a roadmap, and formalize the scope and remit of your group.



Get an Executive Sponsor for your Employee Resource Group, determine your communication strategy and spread the word!



Fold a recognition and reward structure into serving as a member of your Employee Resource Group., troubleshoot membership issues, and set future members up for success.



Grab the Organization ERG Readiness Audit to determine exactly what holes your organization needs to fill in order to facilitate the growth of an effective Employee Resource Group.

Don't forget to grab the Organization ERG Readiness Audit... it's still free.

The first step to doing anything properly is assessing where you are, and launching an Employee Resource Group is no different. Grab our free Audit tool to assess where your organization ranks on the ERG Readiness scale. Doing so will help you assess what next steps to take in launching your ERG.

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What's in the free Organization ERG Readiness Audit?

This free tool will help you assess how ready your organization is to implement an effective Employee Resource Group. The tool asks you to score your organization against 4 assessment areas, and across 3 focus groups that are crucial to the long term success of your group.

Get Your ERG Readiness Audit!

4 Assessment Areas

The 4 areas that the Readiness Audit assesses are (1) Existing DEI Strategy, (2) Bureaucracy (3) Cross-functional Communications, (4) Accountability + Reward

Across 3 Focus Groups

The Readiness Audit looks at each of the 4 assessment areas and asks questions to determine what support is in place at the Executive, Manager, and Individual Contributor level.

Bethany Smith Author of The Affinity Guide


Hey, I'm Bethany Nicole, Sr. Workplace Experience Coordinator, ERG Consultant, and Black Girl Magic Wielder.

I've been an admin working with organizations to help my teammates enjoy coming to work for over 10 years. Recently, I have taken to hosting virtual bookclubs, lunch & learns, and other ERG programming in an attempt to create more tangible proof of equity at work. I specialize in event planning, internal communications, and content creation.

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